Why would I list with ONE agency?

In an age where less is more this saying also rings true when selling property.

One agency appointed as an Exclusive Agency Appointment is putting one, experienced, focussed, committed and professional executive in charge of selling your biggest asset.

The alternative  – appoint many agents in an Open Listing  – is like hiring a large group of people to do one single job. There’s lots of them, and you probably think they are very busy, but are they actually working on selling your property or someone elses?

In our latest publication – OPEN LISTING VS EXCLUSIVE AGENCY – we discuss and illustrate how the Exclusive option gets you everything you need and how an open listing can cost you thousands.

  • One experienced agent who really understands your property and understands you.
  • One agent to communicate with – after all this is a partnership.
  • One agent committed full-time – using all the resources of his agency – to selling your property.
  • One agent dealing with all the interested buyers and funneling them through to you for consideration.

To find out more on why an Exclusive Agency Appointment will get you better results call for a copy of our booklet or to discuss your needs with Vince or Remo. Call today 07 4092 2232.

Find out more about Our Publications here.

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Why would I list with ONE agency?