8 Good Habits to help buy your first home

If you’re considering getting into the property market the expert’s advice is to get serious about saving. Sounds pretty obvious but Kate Farrelly, reporter from Domain, has some good tips on how to get into the right mindset so your property goals can become a reality.

Here are Kate Farrelly’s top 8 good habits to help you buy your first home:

  1. Learn the art of delayed gratification
  2. Think like a bank (the new version of a bank, post Royal Commission that is)
  3. Set and stick to a budget
  4. Go old school
  5. SAVE a home loan repayment each month
  6. Chase new income streams
  7. Consolidate debt (destroy the credit cards)
  8. Look for more ways to save on everyday expenses

There are a lot more ideas on Simple ways to save money here.

Read Kate’s fully tip advice here.

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8 Good Habits to help buy your first home