3 forgotten's when buying a home

When first-home buyers are putting their “wish list” together for the perfect home to buy there are usually 3 important things most buyer’s forget. Once you have the size, the shape and the district you want to live in sorted out, consider these factors:

  1. Orientation.
    I hear you! What way does the house face, seriously? Experts suggest that orientation is a factor to consider. For example if that huge, glorious deck is facing west consider the afternoon sunsets may be glorious but it could also be a hot place to sit.
  2. Kitchens.
    We’ve watched enough renovation shows to know a great kitchen can sell a home all on it’s own. It’s the centrepiece, the heart of the home. For first home buyers there sound advice from the experts to ensure they check if the kitchen is functional, does it have enough storage and bench space.
  3. Finances.
    The additional expenses sometimes forgotten – after you’ve saved for the deposit – can include:

    1. Stamp duty
    2. Mortgage insurance
    3. Conveyancing/Legal costs
    4. Recurring body corporate fees (for strata title properties)
    5. Moving costs

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3 forgotten's when buying a home