Multiple Agents = More Exposure? ... Maybe Not!

Common Myth: Multiple Agents = More Exposure? … Maybe Not!

With today’s print and electronic media technology, exposure is one of the easiest elements of the sale process. It’s getting it right that is the hard part! Any agent can list a property and put an ad in the newspaper or internet, but how do you know that it is going to get results? What if it doesn’t generate any enquiries? Do you just sit and wait?

Do you engage multiple agents and run multiple ads? How does each agent know what the other has tried? Do they work together? In fact, having multiple agencies handling the sale of your home may not be as good an idea as you think. You may only get smaller amounts of commitment from each agency, and some of them may cover the same areas, returning the same results. Some of them may even just put an ad in the paper and sit back and wait?

By selecting an agency that you trust, and working closely with them to ensure you market your home through the right channels, targeting the right buyers, you can actually cover more ground, more effectively than a bunch of agencies only putting in half the amount of effort, covering the same bases. You will most likely find that putting your trust in an agency will get you more commitment and more hard work as well, but more importantly, more efficiency.

An intelligent Agent can create a smart marketing strategy to attract Buyers in all parts of the market. Whether they are active buyers scouring the internet, or passive buyers flicking through the newspaper, a marketing plan targeted at the right areas will uncover the most targeted Buyers.

Solution to Myth: Working closely with an Exclusive Agent and formulating a Dynamic and Targeted Marketing Strategy = More Exposure to Targeted Buyers!

Open Listing vs Exclusive Listing
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Multiple Agents = More Exposure? ... Maybe Not!