Agent Competition = A Higher Sale Price? ... Not likely!

Common Myth: Agent Competition = Higher Sale Price? … Not likely!

This can be a HUGE mistake. Buyers in the current market are now more savvy and intelligent. Buyers will talk to multiple agents and choose which agent they feel is working harder for them.

If a Seller has multiple agents working for them, an intelligent Buyer will go to the one that works best for them, and in actual fact, that will most likely be the one that works the least for the Seller.

Do you want your agent working for you? Or for the Buyer?

Also, if multiple agents are working on a property, once any of them find an interested Buyer, they will almost feel like it is a race to get that Buyer’s offer to the Seller. Because if another agent finds an interested Buyer, they might beat them to it!

This can cause properties to be UNDERSOLD.

Regardless of how many agents are engaged to sell a property, there is still only the same amount of Buyers in the market.

In the previous example, if the property were to be listed exclusively with one agent, there would be no immediate rush to present the first offer, but the agent could work with all interested Buyers to get the BEST result for the Seller.

Solution to Myth: A Good Agent Working For You Full Time = The Best Possible Result in ANY Market

Open Listing vs Exclusive Listing
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Agent Competition = A Higher Sale Price? ... Not likely!